Woodwork and Glossing

Sue’s Decor Services offers a very high standard when it comes to your woodwork. We are a local woodwork and glossing specialist and can treat all the wood within your home.

Skirting Boards, window sills, doors, window frames, bannisters and architraves all suffer from wear and tear, often scuffed, bashed and discoloured,

It is important to Sues Decor Services that your woodwork is finished to high standard. Oil based Gloss has been used for a number of years and used with the correct undercoat you can expect a perfect, long lasting, hard wearing finish. Your woodwork also highlights your wall colours, creating a border and focal point, a common trend is to colour match walls and woodwork to create a seamless look.

In recent years, due to Oil based Gloss discolouration,  water based Gloss, Satin, Eggshell, Stains and Varnish have become very popular. With so many products on the market you can trust that Sue’s Decor can help you decide which is best for your property.

We believe a breathable product would benefit all woodwork and glossing.

Sue’s Decor Services use only the best products when preparing for your woodwork and glossing. Whether its stripping the wood back to bare or preparing for painting we have the knowledge to produce perfect results.

We use three methods to strip wood:

  • Sanding,
  • Hot Air gun or a chemical wood stripper,
  • and an awful lot of elbow grease.

We treat bare wood with a knotting solution, if required, to prevent the knots from bleeding, we then apply wood primer, suitable undercoat and top coat of the customers choosing.

Stains, Wax, Oil and Varnish enhance the beauty of wood, we recommend a varnish in high wear and tear areas.  Oil treated areas are easy to repair and the Wax has a lovely soft sheen and can be buffed to your preferred level of sheen. If you prefer a painted surface Sue’s Decor are able to offer advice on the products available in today’s market, Satin appeals to many customers as it offers a subtle shine, dries quickly and is easily maintained. Water based Eggshell is a personal favourite as it is hard wearing and produces a beautiful finish.