Sanding and Filling

As your local sanding and filling specialist, at Sue’s Decor Services we maintain a high standard when it comes to preparation. It is very important that your walls, ceilings and woodwork are prepared properly.

We insist on being able to prepare surfaces properly in order to maintain our high standards and sanding and filling is a very important part of this.

When we undertake a local painting and decorating task, our initial time on site is spent preparing the working areas to ensure that we can achieve a high quality finish.  When we undertake sanding and filling, we are paying particular attention to cracks, holes, splintered wood, and failed plaster areas.

We aim to remove all window and door furniture, cover areas not to be decorated and move furniture if required.

We begin our work by washing down with sugar soap, this cuts through Nicotine stains, cooking grease and general everyday dirt and grime.

When we start the initial sanding and filling, we will apply a high quality, quick drying filler to problem areas. If we have to tackle damp or mould we use the very best products.

After the initial sanding and filling is finished, we will look at caulking the edges of rooms , skirting  and window/door frames. A high quality sandpaper or power sander is used to sand and smooth off problem areas, this is very important as there is nothing worse than uneven freshly painted or papered surfaces. We work very hard in the preparation of surfaces, when done properly you can expect a perfect finish.

Sue’s Decor Services stands by the quote

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”